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Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is another product Next Gen Glazing in Barnsley offer to our domestic and commercial clients.  Tempered Glass as it is also known as is 4-5 times harder to break than standard glass. If, you do break the glass, the pane will breakdown into tiny pieces as opposed to sharp, dangerous shards.

You should use Toughened Glass in certain areas within the home or business to comply with building regulations. If you are having to change a window or door within your property, you need to make sure that you are replacing with it with the correct product. Please see the diagram below to check if you will need toughened glass.

You will typically find Tempered Glass in Patio Doors and Windows where the glass is within 2ft 7in or 800mm of the floor or ground, particularly where toddlers and the elderly are most at risk.

It has a variety of uses however including shower screens and doors, glass balustrades, shelves, glass table tops and protectors, architectural glass doors and splashbacks.

The most popular use for 10mm Toughened glass is for Balconies, Balustrades and Staircases. It makes a huge difference and gives a lovely contemporary look and feel to old or new properties.

Please see below for square metre prices on polished Toughened Glass:

  • 4mm Clear Polished Toughened – £25.00
  • 6mm Clear Polished Toughened – £35.00
  • 8mm Clear Polished Toughened – £48.00
  • 10mm Clear Polished Toughened – £58.00
  • 15mm Clear Polished Toughened – £178.00

Any shaped pieces, add 50% to the listed price.

Critical Areas

Toughened Glass

If you would like to discuss your Toughened Glass requirements or obtain a free quotation, contact or Sales team on 01226 741480 or use our contact form.