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Energy efficient double glazed units with integral switchable film layer Ideal for both external and internal windows for commercial building and homes

The latest generation of switchable double glazed smart glass windows combines the benefits of improved thermal performance with the immediate control over privacy/security.

This durable solid state technology replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains offering greater control and comfort within any room. The (PDLC) switchable layer is coated down on the inner surface of one panel of glass, then this is combined with a second panel of glass to form a sealed unit.

Our switchable double glazed windows utilise a warm edge spacer bar with an argon filled air gap in between to offer greater insulation and performance. Depending upon the customer requirements we offer a variety of glass options e.g. low iron, low E coatings to provide the most efficient smart glass windows on the market today.

A simple ON – OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). Three standard panel thicknesses are available 18mm, 24mm and 28mm (custom sizes upon request).

This product is simple to install just like any standard double glazed sealed unit. Enjoy the benefits of insulated glass making your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This energy saving product is completely solid state requiring no maintenance or special cleaning requirements – you can treat them just like normal glass windows. Imagine living in a world which offers you complete control over your comfort/privacy/security all at the flick of a switch, without the fuss and clutter of blinds or curtains.

We also offer a triple glazed option, which combines all the benefits of triple glazing with switchable technology. Our switchable triple glazing boasts impressive efficiency, offering superior solar heat gain, thermal insulation, sound protection and even enhanced security.

Next Gen Glazing  offers the widest range of switchable glass products on the market. We serve the needs of hundreds of architects, interior designers, retailers, office fit-out companies, glass processors, partitioning firms and more, worldwide.

Our switchable glass is manufactured using a special factory process that coats down to glass a non-adhesive, extra transparent version of the switchable film. It provides instant privacy whilst maintaining flows of light through and between rooms.

This coating process can be applied to a range of glass types and thicknesses. We can manufacture single glazed toughened panels with the switchable layer on one side for use in partitions. We can laminate the switchable layer between two glass panels for use in wet areas. We can build double or triple glazed units to your precise specifications for external windows. And we can handle specialist glasses including low iron or lead glass for demanding commercial, domestic, high traffic and medical environments.

Switchable glass, as its name suggests, is operated by a simple electrical switch, controlling the opacity of the glass from clear to translucent. It can easily be integrated into automation systems too, giving you even more control.

Switchable glass also offers thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet. And it removes the need for fiddly, awkward privacy blinds or curtains.

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