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Double Glazing
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Double Glazing

Double Glazing does not have an infinite life unfortunately due to numerous factors. Over time the sealed units can break down and let moisture in. As a result, you get a misting effect which is unrepairable unless you replace the full double glazed unit. There maybe the rare occasion where the uPVC frame has been fitted incorrectly, holding water, causing failure. We would discuss all available options with you to rectify the issue.

You may have noticed a particular window in your property that appears to be constantly misted up. The chances are your uPVC unit has deteriorated and broken down. Well fear not, at Next Gen Glazing we specialise in replacing misted units in uPVC windows and doors.

The Frame Stays the Same

A common misconception made with Windows is that if the units break down, that its time for new Windows. At Next Gen, we regularly attend properties that require misted units replacing and we can do so without changing the window frames. This results in a cost effective and time saving way of replacing the damaged units.

Energy Efficient Glass

If you have the issue of misted double glazing units, why not take the opportunity to replace them with the latest energy efficient units.  Furthermore we fill our double and triple glazing units with energy efficient gases to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Together with other energy efficient solutions within the home you can improve your overall energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills.


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