With GRiPCORE technology, we have created the ultimate composite door. The innovative onesize-fits-all makes GRiPCORE a cutting-edge modern-day addition to any home. After all, a front door is more than just a door. It’s a focal point for the home that can really make a statement.

GRiPCORE has a traditional or modern appearance that offers superior benefits to anything on the market. It creates a formidable barrier that requires minimal maintenance. A GRiPCORE door will protect the home against the elements, deter intruders and look beautiful for years to come.

GRiPCORE doors are available as a 914mm (44mm) door blank, which can be prepped and painted to meet your own specification.

Benefits of GRiPCORE

  • 44mm door blank engineered to the highest specification
  • 3mm maximum thermal movement
  • No cracking
  • No de-lamination
  • Bespoke designs, glass, glazing cassettes and colours available.


3 layered inner core of crosslaminated engineered hard wood, creating a stronger, heavier and more robust door, that offers exceptional results when it comes to thermal efficiency too.

DOORCO’s signature 4mm GRP skins are pressed onto the core with a unique
method, ensuring flawless correlation with the core. Available in three finishes
that can be painted any colour, they are a stylish, formidable barrier that requires
minimal maintenance.

Encased LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) & hardwood stiles and rails for stability and protection against water ingress.


The hybrid of cross laminated engineered hardwood, LVL timber and hardwood stiles and rails, pressed with DOORCO’s signature 44mm GRP skins, results in a door that will not move, bow or twist more than 3mm, requires minimal maintenance and will look beautiful and protect the home for years to come.


The glass you choose for a door can really set it apart. GRiPCORE’s bespoke decorative glass designs provide a luxury finish will really make your door stand out from the crowd.

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